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Default Re: Pure video = VDPAU ?

Originally Posted by ticket View Post
Oldest PC, running Ubuntu 9.04:
- Intel P4 1.5GHz
- 512MB RAM
- GeForce 6200 PCI, 180.44 nVidia driver
- 1440x900 LCD monitor

Somewhat newer PC, running Windows XP SP3:
- AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.8GHz
- 512MB RAM
- GeForce 6150LE, HyperTransport, integrated
- 1024x768 LCD monitor

The machines are not wildly different in their specs. The Windows graphics card may have the edge on bus bandwith, but its fill rate is less than the 6200 on Jaunty:
No. They ARE wildly different. The Pentium 4 machine is a lot slower, especially when it comes to SIMD-heavy stuff, like video decoding. Please don't draw false conclusions from useless comparisons like these.

The Sempron should perform close to a Pentium 4 at 3 GHz.
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