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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

They should have concentrated and used their "limited resources" (Q&A guy's words, not mine) to work on a viable patch instead of coming out with a ****ty DLC.

It's like, they're not even trying anymore. With DLC, you'd think a title would get better and add longevity to it. But in Mass Effect's case, it's turning it into a platform where these wannabe code monkeys can "practice" so they can keep their jobs for Mass Effect 2. I'm so appaled by these retards and seriously wonder how in the hell they're keeping their jobs. You would think that after Bring Down the Sky, that DLC that doesn't even compare on the same level would be free instead of 5 bucks.

I know a good amount of people that can code blinfolded and circles around these monkeys and wonder how in the hell these guys even get paid for this crap. And that's an insult to monkeys. You teach a monkey how to code, and they'll do it well. Not like these dumbasses that blame using a Standard Definition TV was the reason why the texture for Garrus went unnoticed... I'm not bull****ting you, either. That's what the moron said on the Bioware forums.

Bioware has seriously lowered their standards in terms of peope to keep employed. Retards.
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