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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Well sorta. Now it's "multiple gigabytes". He's saying it would literally replace all of the files in the CookedPC folder which is utter rubbish. The other character textures are stored once in the game's CookedPC structure. Why would Garrus be the exception? Here's even something more funny...

One guy on the Bioware forums found the reason. There are no 512 or 1024-bit Garrus textures. Only the 256-bit ones. And that 256-bit texture is only ~78k. So if they were to re-code the game's structure and add the 512 and 1024 texture, I hardly think it would take more than "multiple gigabytes" to patch the game. The most those textures would have to take is less than 7.8 MB since the largest file in the CookedPC folder structure is a song file (the whole ending song, iirc). Most facial textures for the other party members only take about .8 MB at the most with the 1024 textures, and no texture should take that much as far as file sizes are concerned.

The SD definition excuse was a very lame attempt to defend the testers which made them sound even more utterly incompetent. Even still, how the hell could you NOT notice the difference from the XBOX360 version and PC while testing the game? It's what they get paid for to test. The 360's version of Garrus doesn't suffer from it but the PC version does? And he used the lame excuse of using SD TV's as for the reson why it went unnoticed. So wait he said they noticed the low LOD texture for Garrus in the UI inventory screen and had to fix it, but didn't notice the botched texture in the game because it didn't show up like that on their TVs?


One of the guys n the forums said they should be fired for gross negligence, and I have to agree. They don't even know how to work with -diff files. Meaning if they even knew what it was, they would have picked up the flaw before they even loaded the game. Freakin amatures.

I'm sorry, but that "SD Definition" excuse has got to be the lamest excuse I've ever heard in my entire life. I've been in the gaming industry for many years now, and that's the first time I have ever heard developers use that excuse for anything.

The truth came out.

Sorry we missed that bug. Our crap TVs and retarded testers couldn't notice the difference between high and low resolution textures because that's what we saw, and didn't notice anything pertaining to that specific bug. We couldn't reproduce it even though the community have been showing us for more than a year on our forums. They had to have been imagining it. We recommend squinting your eyes until the texture is too blurry to make out. This seemed to be the most cost-effective way to resolve this issue. We're experienced testers that work for Bioware, and we didn't notice anything different on our testing beds trust us on this. After all, the XBOX360 version of Mass Effect showed up perfectly on our SD screens, so we felt it did not warrant any fix for the PC as far we could see.

Well, we did manage to fix to the low LOD bug in the inventory screen because that's where we think most of the conversation in the game tales place with Garrus' storyline. If this does not comply with your playing style, you can always put a helmet on him to fix this issue. We used this theory on our testing beds and found this to be the most awesome solution in the universe. Try it. It will blow your mind. I can assure you that he doesn't suffer from this issue in Mass Effect 2, so it would be in your best interest to put a pre-order on the game.

Also, I believe it would take multiple gigabytes of data to make a patch for Garrus, and that this isn't the most intelligent way of going about how it should be done. The patch would be gigantic! It's not the best way to fix things because Steam offers the game as a 7+ GB download and we couldn't make this patch to coincide with "our" needs competent developers and testers. We wanted to keep the patch under 71 Megabytes because we have to encrypt our awesome coding skills. Since we're too busy kissing the asses of our Mass Effect 2 exectutives to keep our jobs, we opted for a quick solution for the project and appease the community at the same time. Did I mention we work for Bioware and that we know how to code? Yeah trust us. This patch should fix everything because we willed it to be so. This issue could not be reproduced in Mass Effect 2, so I can assure you that this problem will not re-occur.

We also hope the new DLC "Pinnacle Station" will satisfy your Mass Effect needs and open up a whole new gameplay experience once you figure out how to activate it and pay us 5 dollars for this awesome new content! We've spent all of our time developing this DLC and the 1.02 Patch for eight months, and really hope you decide to buy it even though the content is even more awesome than Bring Down the Sky! And BDtS was free! That means if you pay us 5 dollars for this DLC it's automatically better since we are charging you this time. We work for Bioware trust us on this. You get to carry over all of your items to Mass Effect 2, so it would be a wise decision to purchase this and then purchase the sequel.

Our apologies for not knowing how to use basic debugging tools (like a -diff structure) and competent coding structures. We thought our will alone was good enough to magically patch the flaws in the game. We work at Bioware, so we never have to fix anything because our games are automatically perfect and is the best thing since SD monitor technology. Remember, SD monitors are a sure-fire way to debug games and shift the blame on a faulty budget. They were expensive when we purchased them though, so they're still awesome. The GPF Errors are a completely different issue and should be fixed when you purchase Mass Effect 2. In fact, all of these bugs should be non-existant in Mass Effect 2 since it's an entirely different and new game!

Next time, we'll try harder to provide you with game content and patches that aren't a waste of time. After all, SD CRTs can't show us these imaginary flaws the community insists upon, and we're only human even though our coding skills are other-worldly.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope it won't be too hard for you to sit after cramming all of this tripe into your rectum. STAY TUNED FOR MASS EFFECT 2!
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