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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Just started playing ME again on PC, mind telling me the ini tweaks? Textures are looking like garbage right now :\.
Well, there's two things... one is that the game does not apply high settings on textures correctly. Often rebooting the game will fix this, but for me it did not, so I was forced to go into the ini and basically force high res textures. That is only your problem if the textures on your team and such look really blurry.

There is also what some say is a texture hack where you go to BioEngine.ini in your documents folder and tweak the TextureLODBias settings to higher minnimum resolution... for instance, it will say 256 and you can change it to 512 or whatever. Some people swear this makes all the textures in the game more crisp, but I never saw any difference.

The clothes in the game on random people look like crap no matter what you do.
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