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Originally Posted by Phyre View Post
Too busy with work to play this game as I would like. I would love to have a Worgen though. However, I like raiding too much to play this game again. Four hours a night is just too much, and consumable farming between downtime is just a horrendous devotion.
You don't really need to farm consumables anymore. At least, not if your guild is reasonably advanced. There are a lot of bind on equip items and patterns that drop that my guild auctions off for gold, and this is used to pay for everybody's repairs as well as buy fish feasts, which takes care of the food buff for the entire raid. Scrolls are also no longer necessary for min/maxing either.

The only thing you really need to get for yourself are flasks, which are cheap now, and potions which can only be used once per encounter so you don't need many at all, and also they too are pretty cheap now.

Also if your guild is decent enough you don't need to raid that much either. My guild only raids about 10 hours a week and we're already on our third week of attempts on Algalon 25. Most guilds haven't even gotten that far yet. I think this is the kind of thing that blizzard is trying to encourage as well through different game mechanics. Namely you are only allowed 1 hour worth of attempts on Algalon per week, and in heroic coliseum you are only allowed 50 attempts for the entire instance.
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