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Default Re: GeForce9600 + Linux = Problems (Resolution issue) | Can't make it higher than 640

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
It's possible that the vesa driver ignores the invalid checksum and tries to use the EDID anyway. .
This MUST be the case, otherwise the furnished correct hor and vert frequencies override the bad ones.
I for one am quite sick and disappointed with the latter Xorg versions, since they like to be too clever; and disregard a number of config options available earlier.
Even key layout is overruled; but that's off-topic.
I for one would want to override the frequencies easily, disable EDID or fake it easily. My otherwise beautiful high-end IBM P260 has bugged me for the last 5 years with this: It has no EDID. Then, the default frequencies are sooo low, that one cannot get to any useful resolutions. And this falls back against FOSS.
Maybe someone can convince upstream to allow the - e.g. - Gnome Display settings to simply overrule the EDID and Xorg detection, and. after a strong warning, allow the user to set what she knows is the actual value?
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