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Default Re: NVIDIA Geforce GT 220 (OEM only)

The GT 220 is not a rebadge of anything, please don't spread misinformation. It's a 40nm GPU with 2 GTX200 style clusters, each with 24SP for a total of 48SP. It also supports DirectX 10.1, which means Nvidia did more plumbing to the architechture to support those features.

For HD decoding, the GT 220 finally also supports VC-1 and MPEG2 bitstreaming decoding(does all the decoding work on the GPU) as well as 8 channel LPCM support, which no previous G8x, G9x and G200 GPU support. So again, it's no rebadge because there's serious work done to add VC-1 & MPEG-2 bitstream decoding and 8 channel LPCM support.

This will be the best HTPC card because it uses less power idle and load thanks to the 40nm process, the only other discrete card that will use less power is the lower end G210 with 16SP.

Also the Geforce 191.07 WHQL drivers supports the GT 220 and the G210.

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