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Don't forget chants and gems. Now gems can be bought with all those now useless emblems of conquest (otherwise PvP gear can be bought with it), though on the chanting mats I can gaurentee as an enchanter I have NO INTEREST in providing free mats to the entire realm's population.

Too many peeps think "some random chanter in IF, get free enchant, their mats, and then complain about tips". Forget it; it's no skin off my back if a non-guildie and non-friend gets their chant or not. It really doesn't effect me either way. Want the chant, get your own danged mats, make an effort to come to me (OK, sometimes hearth CDs can make it difficult, but one shouldn't have to be the travelling salesman all the time); and a tip would be a sign of courtiousy.

Too many peeps want welfare, same goes for the guy who expects a 60, 70, now 80 to boost their lvl 20 through hours of normal (non-group) quest farming, because they don't want to take the time to kill wolves or read their own quest log.

On that note, former guild I was in, someone got absolute grief through PMs for their selling a motorcycle for > 11,000 g. Thing is, the vendored parts cost more then that, and that isn't even including all the ore and what not which went into mining the non-vendored parts for that. We were laughing about the idea of being required (in one guy's book) to sell the thing below vendor cost of parts
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