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Default Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

Originally Posted by sherbey View Post
What market would buy this? Its either scientific research or gamers I would think - gamers aren't noted for their use of linux and the research group would be too small a market to worry about unless nvidia just wanted the kudos. I would seriously doubt that there is some nvidia lock-in with microsoft; if there was they wouldn't be offering accelerated graphics drivers for linux at all, and they certainly wouldn't have developed VDPAU.
Who uses linux... geeks. And geeks love their gadgets and toys, and 3D Glasses do also fall in that category. I think there are quite a few early adopters in the linux community.

But Quadros are too expensive to be used as toys. I think real quad buffered 3d with a Geforce would be of interest to Linux users. But of course then there would be only little incentive to buy the quadros anymore so I'm afraid nvidia won't do this.

Thanks for the answer anyway!

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