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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

By the way I have a question for you guys about what squadmates you use(d). My two main characters I will be using saves for for ME2 are a vanguard and an infiltrator - I like the hybrids.

For my vanguard I had been using Wrex (he is always going to be apart of my team) and Tali. This gave me a perfect balance of str/tech/bio. I noticed Tali was dying a little easy even though her shields are fantastic so I was beginning to think about switching her out with Garrus. I don't really use all the tech that comes with being full tech (AI hacking and whatever the other thing is) and just need it for overload/sabotage and to open stuff, which Garrus can do. Do you think I should use him for my next playthrough on my vanguard? I don't know if he is tougher or not than Tali since I've never used him.

For my infiltrator, which I haven't played yet, I want to use Wrex (obviously) and I was thinking maybe Kaiden for the other squadmate since that would make everything even once again. For those of you who have played through with Kaiden, is he okay? Maybe I could use Garrus again since Wrex/Garrus are widely considered the best teammates but then it would make it a bit redundant considering I am already an infiltrator. Or should I use someone else?

Just trying to get ideas from others
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