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Default Re: 3TB boot partition possible?

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Well, I have different opinion on that.

With multiple partitions you always have to decide which program goes where, and what is too big/small to fit. Some system SW installs under /Windows directory. And crash of OS partition means you will have to reinstall anyway, as most apps have registry settings and do not run without it.

Of course, SSD does not solve this "multiple partitions thing", but it is tempting
You have a great point there, I am about to install RTM to replace vista on my gaming rig. I have been putting this off until I absolutely had to because I have so many apps and games installed, and even thou they are on a separate partition they will still have to be reinstalled. Punkbuster isn't behaving anymore and crashing cod4 and 5 two or three times an hour and I can't get it fixed so its time.

This is part of the reason I love steam so much, I can just copy over my steam install and run the installer, point it to the steam folder, and be ready to go in a few minutes. Other than restoring the game saves for non steam games when I go to launch it will handle the reg entries on first run.

I still think I am gonna do three separate raid 0's, one for the os, one for games, and one for apps and encoding/video editing space.
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