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Default Re: 4-way sli comming

Originally Posted by Woodelf View Post
We can't forget that the next DX is just around the corner. Even if it suck's, wouldn't you feel behind the times if you went for 4-way 285's and 6mo later you had last gen DX?.
I mean, I don't really care for DX10, but I don't feel right not being up to date for the money either. I don't know, maybe it's just me (you guy's decide), but it just seem's (if anything) inappropriate timing.

Does anyone know why nvidia can't do this on one card?. CR?
Well put it this way, 4 cards are always going to be faster than 1. Even if Nvidia came out with a new card that was as fast as 4 GTX 285 someone is going to want something faster than that. If they can afford 4 GTX 285s then they will buy 4 GTX 380s when they come out.
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