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Default Re: 4-way sli comming

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
I wish they would dedicate more time to single card improvement. Why not just focus on a card that can do as much as this 4-way SLI? That would be even better.
Originally Posted by dikinher View Post
Tis the nature of the beast. A video card as powerful as 4-way SLi would be overkill, therefore eliminating the necessity of upgrading often as Nvidia/ATi would like. These companies would lose money in the long run. It's only feasible for them to release slightly upgraded video cards every 5 months or so and market them as the next big thing to keep the cash flowing.
You have to keep time frame in mind. Nvidia WILL make a card that is as fast as 4 x GTX 285 and everyone will need to have it once that comes out. It might be 2 years before that happens though. By using 2 way, 3 way, or 4 way SLI you can have performance that you never would have been able to get otherwise. When the 8800GTX came out it was a beast of a card and could do everything that most people wanted. A pair of these cards would give you performance better than a single GTX 280 which took another 2 years before it came out.

When Crysis came out you basically needed 2 8800GTX to be able to run it. If you were gaming on a 30" screen you could forget turning up all of the eye candy. By having 4 way SLI anyone who really wants to can pack their computer full of GPU power and play the game at that resolution now instead of waiting 3 years for the technology to catch up.

While 4 way SLI is definitely pushing the envelope I could actually see it as being useful in those extreme cases. Think 2560 x 1600 @ 120hz in order to use the 3d glasses on a 30" monitor. You're going to need one hell of a system to pull that off and you just might run out of GPU before you do CPU in that case.
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