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Default Re: 4-way sli comming

Originally Posted by Woodelf View Post
I didn't hear that next gen will be supporting 4-way.
Well I definitely couldn't say they will or won't support it for the next generation of GPUs, but if they are going to the trouble of making it work on the current GPU it shouldn't be that big of an issue to bring it over to the next gen. It would seem silly for them to try an idea like that and only do it on 1 card.

Take the 7900GX2 for example. They made their first dual gpu card and it wasn't a very good card. They tried again with the 9800GX2 and still didn't get the combination correct. Finally on their 3rd attempt with the GTX 295 they had a card that didn't seem to have the issues that plagued the first two cards.
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