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Originally Posted by Son Goku View Post
I have more leveled chars then some would believe. ATM I have 3 80s, a Nelf hunter, a Nelf DK, and an Orc hunter (different realm). Then I've got a 74 draenie shammy. Besides that, I have a druid, warrior, rogue 70 (minus the DK all were 70 last expansion, and 3 were at some lvl of raiding, changed mains a bit last expansion).

To be quite frank, I'm not sure if I'll get the next expansion or not. If someone were to ask me today, I might say no; a year from now, dunno. The whole time I've played in game, the truth is it was the friends, or rather certain friends who had made things fun. It sure the hell isn't all the murloc movie nights, anal trade chat (more like people linking their skills to the word anal in trade), or the prolithera of bad PuGs which can go something like

with all the screaming, and arguing going back and forth, as everyone seems intent on blaming each other for what amounts to mutual problems in the group; but each of them wants to act like it's all everyone else, and they have no part to play. Just last night, I was outside argent tournament, and 2 peeps were at it in general with one mentioning that person 2 didn't get out of a fire on Jaraxus, and person 2 along with others were like "dude, you only did 2k dps, probably shouldn't be calling people out", but then it turned into a cat fight.

Then not all that long ago (this past weekend), was on a PuG nax25 run, much of it was horrible; and what's more my friend saw it. Nua was like, "umph, I see death" as one of the healers had blues, and he linked one of em to me. We were on thadius, people couldn't sort polarities, and wipe. But what do people do? Instead of learning from it, they start arguing about how it's all someone else. My friend left, went to a BG, and someone had the nerve to gloat on how they were going to spam him till he came back. I wasn't impressed, and tbh kinda annoyed. He didn't deserve that; and tbh, after he left, the damage meters showed me and one other guy (who joined after he left) pretty much the top 2 dps, with the 3rd spot significantly below.

My friend said pretty much the same "of course Instead of realizing they themselves aren't that great, and getting better, they'd rather point fingers and argue about who is bad".

There's one conclusion I've come to, and it's that the thing which made things fun (not it isn't exactly the quests per se either), is the time spent with good friends. In the past, I saw Gilthanas go, and at that time, the fun times were gone; many of the headaches which I was getting an intruduction to (in his absense) remained, and grew. Just last night; another friend, Nuadormrac has decided to move on. And ya know what? Having to say good bye to another friend, perhaps to never hear from him again I just don't know if I want to put up with all the grief from in many cases many a pubescent kid who's deal is to make things less enjoyable for the people around them.

So I might pass the next expansion, I dunno. But it was the friends, more then anything that made things worth playing. And it was people such as Gilthanas or Nuadormrac, who left me wanting to come back, in part because they were fun to be around, and their company was enjoyable. Without that...
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