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Nah Creative sucks. I've never been happy with this card. I had a Live before which was decent but in reality they aren't performers. Hercules and Turtle Beach are gaming cards and they been concentrating on them for games for a while now. I've read enough to know Hercules is more of a gaming card, not Audigy. Hercules listens to its customers and in time of need have replied with updates quickly, Creative Labs? Muahahahah you wish...My attitude for Creative is blah! It's an everyday users multimedia card, general purpose.

I've read at least from 3 different sites over the months about Audigy being a pig on the bus and time and time again with a little digging I've come to believe them, their facts are believable. Audigy 2 is just a continuation of that junk that people wont get to even appreciate in games. I'm going with a card for today, not tomorrow, tomorrow always changes. Creative support is completely useless as well, just wanted to add that. 1 year practically for a updated driver is pretty damn sad, especially for a newly introduced card. You're just a dollar sign to Creative, one day you will figure it out.

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