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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
raptorjr, Double-check any CPU-/bus-throttling settings. Perhaps bad performance correlates with a throttled CPU? Also, open nvidia-settings to the PowerMizer page and make sure it isn't stuck at the lowest setting when playing video.
The cpu was set for "ondemand", and was currently on 2.0Ghz. I now changed to "performance" and the cpu is always on 2.67Ghz. On the first qvdpautest after i changed this i got the same bad numbers as before. Tried several more times, but still bad numbers.
If i understand nvidia-settings correctly i only have one setting for PowerMizer, and that cant be changed?

Attribute 'GPUPerfModes' (tvdator:0.0): perf=0, nvclock=550, memclock=400

But i must say that i really appreciate all the help i'm getting. I really hope that i find what is wrong before everyone get tired of me =)
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