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Default Recommend a good NVidia AGPx8 card please


I need to replace an Radeon AGPx8 graphics card in one of my computers (the WinXP machine) and I want the replacement to be an NVidia one. (Long story which I won't bore you with unless it becomes relevant!)

1. The motherboard is an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe, so the graphics card slot is an AGPx8.
2. I'd like as much memory on the card as possible. At least 256MB but more would be good.
3. I'll be running a monitor at 1680x1050, 32-bit colour.
4. Minimum of 1x DVI output. A second output, DVI (preferably) or VGA would be useful.
5. The main use for the card will be fairly demanding Photoshop/image handling work, but a few games (not cutting edge) too.
6. The PSU of the box is a 520W or 620W (can't recall at the moment) so there's probably plenty spare.
7. I have no preference whether the card has a fan or silent cooler. While silence would be nice, my primary concern is finding a card that fulfills the previous criteria.

Finding some helpful information about suitable cards is proving tricky, since they're rather becoming "old tech". I've found a local source for a GeForce 5500, but little else. I've seen a GeForce 6200 or 6600 on eBay (secondhand).

Can anyone comment on those suggestions or give a better alternative that fits these criteria?

(Also, if this isn't the right forum for this kind of card, please point me at the appropriate one!)

Thanks in advance.
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