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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
But how often do you need to do that? And how hard is it?
There's quite a number of people who expect a chanter or what not to hunt them down and provide free chants without supplying mats, and at times QQ in trade that anyone would ever appreciate a tip, for something. Never mind the cost or effort that can at times go into learning certain recipees. Perfect example of this would be mongoose, where the thing was a random drop off Moroes. Even when it became the new heroic, one would get the PuG issues (many a PuG could utterly fail on curator, to say nothing of Nightbane), and then if it dropped, one would have to roll against peeps, etc. Not exactly a 5 g to vendor....

It's more a matter of being inconsiderate, same goes for the person who can demand constant attention at a resturant, but would be indignant at the thought of tiping their waitress (ask anyone who works in the food service industry). Many are just that way.

But thing is, one really never needs to do it, nor is having a trade skill a requirement to use it. So there's the point, people can provide their mats, and have a little common courtiousy, or they can find themselves another chanter Exceptions being guildies, and of course friends (though all said, in all guild heroics or whatever, I tend to put all the shards (peeps OK of course) in the guild bank, leaving the rolls for PuGs anyhow... Same went back in the day when Lantanis (Nelf rogue) used to get people in IF, who no matter what he was doing, whether he was busy with anything or not, or even when he was AFK), would just run up behind him, spam trade window, and without a word start chucking lock boxes at him, while demanding "you open it now", no please, no courtiousy, no asking him if he'd mind doing it; sometimes closing his mail when he was writting an in game message to someone, sometimes closing the AH window when he was doing auctions, whatever.

He hated that. And on more then a few occassions when it happened a lot, he'd say in /1 "OK, if you're not going to bother to communicate first, or ask if I mind opening a lock box, then bugger off. Is a little courtiousy too much to ask?"

One time when I was leveling my rogue in Ashenvalle, I was fighting a mob, someone came up behind and went to spam trade window. Well I knew well enough by then to block trades, and so "has requested trade, you have refused" flooded my screen like a dozen times or more, in a very small space of time. Then the person said, and I quote:

I've got lock boxes.
immediately followed by

Open them NOW, b*tch!!!
Some complete random, couldn't bother to ask nicely, wait until I was done fighting the mob. That was enough, I just vanished, and let them have the agro, after they got done "asking" in that way

I don't know, some people are just that way. The other week, we had a complete fail PuG of Nax25. It was wipe, wipe, wipe on Thadius (wasn't the first problem we had), Nuadormrac saw problems when he noted a healer in blues, and PST me saying "I see death". Well after some time with wipe fest (was more of a fun run for us, we were raiding ToC 25 seriously, well and for us being newer in guild Uld 25 as well), he'd had it (and tbh I was getting enough) and decided to go off to a BG. I think I shoulda followed his lead, because we were in there another 5 hours beyond, with his replacement and me doing practically all the damage in the group (and competitive on % done for each boss by recount), and number 3 being way, way, way far behind, as the thing continued failing for another 5 hours... In fact, the wipe fest was done like 1/2 hour before guild's raid invites for the night

But here's the thing, one of the people was like "oh I can't summon nuadormrac, I know, I'm going to spam him and demand he comes back until he does", as he's priding himself in his ubber spamming abilities. In fact my friend just left quitely, he didn't make a fuss or do anything (except for being a much more aware raider then most of those peeps, and doing around 5.5-6k dps on bosses), to have warranted the spams of death. I'm there like "umm, I don't blame him for having left after all this, don't be an a**" The person went on a spam fest, while patting himself on the back for how much of a spammer he could be in raid chat, and how he enjoys spamming people. Totally again, rather rude and obnoxious. I warned my friend it was comming, and he was like "eh, that's OK I already reported him for spamming when it started comming. Why blizzard gives us the report spam feature"

Some people, just have no manners, whatsoever.
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