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Default Re: UNDERclocking my P4 prescott (aka presc-HOT)

It's worth checking other buses when you underclock the FSB. Your PCI-E bus, if you have one, should run at 100mhz, PCI bus at 33MHz, and AGP at, I think 133MHz. If your FSB underclock is knocking any of them out of their usual speed, that could well cause issues. Whatever you do though, you still might find it better just to sell up that CPU, RAM and mobo and move to a more modern kit. In Britain, you can buy an E5200 (2.4GHz, dual core) for around 40, a suitable board with onboard VGA (which in itself iwll save you a good few watts over an add-in card) for 30, and 2GB of DDR2 RAM for around 20. It might be worth checking out to see what you could get, and how much you can potentially save.
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