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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I'm doing some research to see what is the best way to back up my DVD collection. Now that I have a copy of DVDFab Platinum, I can back up my DVDs into any format I want. What settings do you guys recommend in order to have a close 1-to-1 copy of a DVD, but have the movie as an AVI or MKV? All of these backups will go to my HTPC and used with XBMC, it will play any format.

So what is it? What bitrate for video and audio? What format? AVI? MKV? What audio format? AAC, MP3?
depends what your goal is

if you want to make a full backup then iso, but that can end up in quite a bit of wasted space.

I personally don't care about menus, trailers extra audio tracks and all that other junk they put on disc these days.

for re-encoding i would use h264 codec with bitrate of about 4-6Mbps that is enough for DVD, don't crop/resize

audio just leave AC3 (dolby), don't use mp3.
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