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Default Re: RF-Link GS3200 Wireless PC To PC

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
What exactly are you trying to achieve? Displaying the computer on the tv I presume?
The TV is only a temporary target, until I get another monitor or HDTV.
And you can't move the computer closer? Is your video card outputting video on the video out? I would move the computer temporarily close to the tv and hook the connections up directly with wires, once that is working, try the wireless thing.
As stated, TV is temporary. I only have a cable connection in the living room, and I'm running into snags adding an outlet is the bedroom. Ultimately, I want the bedroom computer to be an alternative workstation, with full capabilities. Of course, I can move one unit next to the other during the intial setup, but I do not want to have to do that routinely. Obviously, moving the BR computer to the LR wouldn't permit watching TV in the BR.
It could be that the wireless thinger doesn't support HD resolutions, try bumping the resolution down to like...640x480 and see if it works. I suspect it will only work with standard SD cable signals. The only real option is to connect the media pc directly to the tv.
That is about the resolution that I could get, if I spent the money for the system that RF-Link's support wanted me to buy...I'm not going to do that.

I can't make a direct connection, due to apartment complex rules, and also my own preferences.
If that're out of luck. I've never seen a remote desktop application that was able to stream video over the network between computers, even a gigabit network.
Then it sounds as though I'm out of luck. If not video, then what can be transmitted via WIFI routers?
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