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Default Re: Will my Q9650 bottleneck my new EVGA GTX 275?

Originally Posted by asntitys View Post
I don't think I worded it correctly. What I meant was if my Q9650 at stock speed will be a bottleneck for my GPU. So I shouldn't have to overclock my cpu to have my GTX 275 run at its prime? Thanks for the replies.
Partly depends on the resolution of your monitor. If you're not running at 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 it could be a close call in Crysis. At 1920x1080 and up or in pretty much any other game than that game, you're not likely to run into anything noticeable.

One way to check is to fire up fraps and check the frames per second on a game with all the game settings at stock, no AA no AF. Exit the game and turn up the AA and AF and then go back and check the FPS again. As you turn the AA and AF up if the frames per second don't drop at all or they drop very little, your CPU is likely a bottle neck. I would recommend trying this on a game other than Crysis though.


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