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Default Re: Windows 7 Application Compatibility Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
Acronis 2009, Nero 8, PowerDVD 7 Deluxe not working? That sucks as I have all three.
Nero 8 works perfectly fine under Win7 64-bit, Nero 7 too which I still use because Nero 8 and above are too bloated.

Originally Posted by Dr.Nick View Post
I've been using the latest logitech vista drivers for my G15 and mouse on win7 rtm with no issues. Just had to run the installer in Vista SP2 mode and as an admin.
On a similar note PerfectDisk 10 also fails to run a boot time defrag. Not a blue screen but it complains it cannot access the HD possibly due to a driver conflict.
PerfectDisk 10's boot time defragmentation works for me since ever the application was released, maybe a special configuration of your PC makes this operation fail.

Anyway, I just noticed today that there is a new update available for PD10 which fixes "some" boot time defrag bug...
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