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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

this was posted

This message was posted as a news announcement in our Aion Beta Forums this morning, but as I know that our authentication script has been confirmed to not always be working as it should (will be fixed!), I will re-post it here so that everyone may be able to read.

Good morning everyone,

I hope many of you have had the chance to get into the game to experience and enjoy all the new things we have added since the end of closed beta. Our ambition is to shape Aion into a thoroughly polished product and with top notch service by launch, and this phase of open beta is an excellent time for us to analyze the situation, take in feedback and ultimately make that happen.

The night did not pass quite as smoothly as we had wished for, and we have been experiencing latency abnormalities - primarily on our North American servers. As I've been communicating in our various discussion threads here on the beta forums, your data and continued reports have been invaluable for us in our work to pinpoint the causes. Our Production team, Executive Producer, Live Operations team, Customer Services and of course Community team are all working together to make sure that we get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. My part in this has so far been to forward tendencies and to verify patterns. We are having a constant dialogue between the teams working on Aion, and even if theories sometimes prove to be wrong, we are now closer to a solution than we have ever been before. We do realize how game-breaking it is when performance isn't on the level it should be.

It has also been brought to my attention that some of you are experiencing GameGuard issues or other annoying bugs that are new to surface of earth. Rest assured that we are taking these in and investigating what we can do to have them sorted. The best idea, since these problems might be diverse and vary greatly in their nature, is to work together with our Tech Support in order to find out what is causing your particular issue.

Our team is using Twitter (@aion_ayase, @aion_xaen, @aion_amboss, @aion_liv) and I urge you all to have a look, even if you decide to use it only as an RSS feed. It's an invaluable channel for communication and allows us to post tiny snippets of information that might not suit pompous announcements.

What I want you to take away from this post is that our objective is crystal clear: We want you to enjoy the game as it should be enjoyed, and we are working very hard to get to a point where this is possible for each one of you.

Thank you for your continued reports and for your patience, guys.
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