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Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
I backup my dvd's using anyDVD to rip them to .iso's. For Bluray/HDDVD I just rip them to a folder then use eac3to to extract the video, audio, and chapters. Then I remux them together using mkvMerge into a .mkv with audio in .flac and usually a .dts or .ac3 (depending on original source).

And I'm using mediabrowser for playback. After setting up vista media center to do hardware video decoding on my .mkv's everything is perfect. I used XBMC for a while but the lack of hardware decoding drove me away. I love mediabrowser because of how it integrates into media center.
hardware acceleration for xbmc is in works, directx powered build. with quad core i never worried about hardware acceleration.

xbmc is simply much more rodust compared to anything else out there.

edit: WOW this DX build is amazing!!
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