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Default 4496 driver, StartX: Black screen + mouse cursor

Hardware: P4, Asus p4s8x mainboard, GForce 4 ti4200

Software: Red Hat 9, freshly installed the same day; I let it update all the rpm's, and install the latest kernel available from Red Hat (2.4.20-20.9); I recompiled that kernel using the Red Hat template and added ntfs and pentium 4 support. After the install and the recompile, X was working perfectly using the nv driver, and I even had stuff like MPlayer working correctly already -- it was going really smooth

Then I downloaded the latest NVidia driver, as I wanted to start working on getting the TV display going. I just ran the script, and let it compile itself against my kernel. No indications of trouble here.

I edited XF86Config, commented out the Load "dri" line and the DRI section. I also altered "nv" to "nvidia". Saved.

[root@localhost ~]# startx<enter>

-> result: the nvidia logo is shown, then a black screen with the X cursor in the center. I can move the cursor, but nothing else happens (X worked 15 minutes earlier just fine with the nv driver). It doesn't get out of this black screen with cursor no matter how long I wait (not even after 30 minutes). I can switch back to the console with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and back to X again if I want. The Log doesn't show any errors (X in fact is still running, or waiting on something).... Ctrl+c terminates X, and I can examine the logs.

The logs contain no errors... with log level at 5, it just stops doing anything after it initializes the mouse pointer (and indeed the mouse works just fine). At the normal log level, the last thing X prints is (immediately after it says it is using the XF86Config file):

(II) [GLX]: Initializing GLX extension

That's not much to go on, and I'm at a loss. To make matters worse, switching back to the "nv" driver doesn't work anymore either. It seems that the nvidia driver install messed something up and now both drivers don't work. Using the nvidia-installer with the --uninstall option also didn't help. It looks like I have to reinstall everything to get X to work again...

I tried the 43xx driver as well, same results. I tried adding the option to not check for TV or DFP, no difference. I tried without load "glx", didn't work.

I hope someone can point out what went wrong

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