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Angry Are you listening NVIDIA?

Are the NVIDIA developers reading this forum? If you are, please answer my few simple questions...

1. Why can't you add support for TV-out overscan and/or picture positioning in your drivers? It can't be hard for you, with all the specs and all in hand, when 3rd-party hackers can do it by reverse engineering.. (although 2 years after a chip is released) Why?

2. Are you denying the "black borders" on TV-out? People ask about it again and again and again, and have since day one, but there still isn't an entry in the FAQ?

3. Do I really have to switch to Matrox or ATI to get a decent picture on my TV? Your cards DO have as good TV-out, but the driver totally lack support for all kinds of fine-tuning... I don't want to switch because you still have the best 3D...

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Per Wigren
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