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Default Re: NVIDIA !!! Please take note.

Originally posted by gordon
Example: I want to turn vsync off in D3D. Can I? No. Not unless I use a third party utility or reg hack like in Coolbits. WHY NOT NVIDIA? Reward your customers with this small offering PLEASE.

Worse Example: My desktop brightness is fine, but D3D and OpenGl games are so dark I can hardly see what is happening on the screen. Solution? Turn up the brightness? No, if I do that the desktop is blindingly bright. I have to use a third party utility, powerstrip, to adjust the brightness in D3D and OpenGl otherwise the card is useless. 3DFX, God rest their souls, provided seperate brightness/gamma sliders for desktop, D3D and OpenGl in their driver utilities. Do Nvidia? No! Why not? Is it too much to ask?

Come on Nvidia, you can do this. Don't make us use third party utilities just to be able to use the card.
And as for this, I dunno...but I heard a lot of ppl have this issue a couple years ago...but it seemed to be fixed ages ago, you might want to check in-game gamma settings...and if you haven't reformatted before installing the GF card in, and you had another brand of card in the same puter, that messes up gamma settings too...
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