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Default Re: The Old Republic: First Trooper Footage

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Clearly shows that you never played another MMO before. If anything WoW has the weakest support out of all Major MMOs. There is a reason EQ1 has been going for over 10 years now...

Heck look at Lineage 2, It has had multiple (like 5?) free expansions for the game.

The reason why WoW has had such huge success is because its easy and its made by Blizzard. Everquest was the leader but it could never attract the casual market, it was too much of a grind and time sink. WoW looked at that and made the game easy to jump in and out of which made it look far more attractive to the active person. No longer did you need to play the game like it was a second job.
WoW is my first and last MMO.

And i can tell that you never played end game WoW. Arena Easy?...End game raiding...easy?..I don't know about other mmos, but getting to lvl 80 in WoW is not that hard, but the end game of WoW is completely different, and its not as easy as you think.

As for support, well yea my first MMO is WoW, i don't play it anymore, but will end up playing on once new expan comes out, but in terms of support...i mean they have been ontop of everything, downtimes they fix it up, and give users credit time, and there are big content patches that are free as well that are not part of a expansion, those expansions are massive anyway, and its like what...$40AUD..

Oh there was a time where WoW becomes your first job. 1-60 days...and the HWL grind...oh man...those were the darkest days of my life, they really got rid of that stuff tho. End game is not easy either, not a grind more of a teamwork/time(doing heroics/badge farming/gearing up)
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