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Default Re: proglems with G105M

Hi all,
this my first post; it's not urgent: I've got an old acer with Fedora 11 32 bit perfectly working already, but you know... I just want to move to this terrific new acer 5738ZG, which I chose because of the nVidia logo on it instead of the ATI one, exactly to avoid lack of support in Linux but...
First try: move the HD from the old laptop, install the 184 and also the beta 192 in it et voilą: the six desktops!
So I reverted the HD's and left this new laptop in his box until yesterday, when I saw here that someone managed it to work with a 64-bit ditribution; so I tried and installed Fedora 11 64-bit, the upgraded the kernel to 2.6.30, the I tried installing both the 184 and the beta 192 drivers for linux 64 bit with same result: X not starting, with the log showing that the problem was communicating with the LCD, so no modes, so defaulted to 640x480 (!!!) which the was just too little to display even the nVida logo!

Thanks to kevinttl and his amended xorg.conf I could at least see the logo, only for half a second, though! Then X just bails out without apparent reason at all!
I've also amended the system's configuration by installing acpid and letting it start before of haldaemon, in order to get rid of the annoying messages in the log about nvidia module not being able to connect to acpid; but nothing changes: X just exis without reason!

I'm attaching here my xorg.conf (identical to kevinttl's) and the X log file.

Thanks for any help!
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