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Default Re: Why does nvidia not let physx work with a ATI card now.

Officially its for compatibility reasons, they cant ensure stability with users mixing and matching ATi and NV GPUs, and different combinations of the drivers for each.
And ontop of that running rendering and physics split between theirs and someone elses driver.

I would guess there is some truth to that, but I dont think NV is loosing any sleep of it either.
I guess they´re hoping that the sales lost from ATi users wanting a NV GPU for physX are made up by ATi users replacing their main card with a NV one or something.

As for ATi not supporting PhysX in general, thats simly that they would only strengthen their competitors propriety API, CUDA, if they were to support that, and they really dont stand to gain anything from that.
Besides, with Havok coming in with GPU support via OpenCL (which can potentially run on any sort of device, CPU, GPU, CELL, DSP etc), PhysX will prolly have to move over to OpenCL to compete, with that large a target audience OpenCL powered physics middleware would have over a CUDA powered one.
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