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Anyone else playing this game? Small preview from my level 7 character.

Okay so I went ahead and purchased the game this past Saturday and started playing right away. Before I say anything else I would like to mention that I' am very glad I made the purchase . This is still in pre release status since the game is not being released until 9/22 so for the people that are playing now are getting few weeks of free play time as well as the 30 days from start date so almost 2 months of play time until you get billed so that's not to bad at all.

Anyway the character creation is not very deep but good enough such as lot's of hairstyles, face and tattoo choices overall more then enough to choose from (you can change your hair on the fly in game as well). The max level is 45 and as of right now there are no plans to increase before launch or anytime soon if at all.

You start in one of the few towns which you can select based on what you tell the npc (for me I chose my 1st character to be a crafter) so my starting town had lot's of crafting quests for me. The crafting in this game is deep very deep you can pretty much craft anything from armor to weapons to food, drinks, dye's, poison, 1st aid etc...You can also salvage just about everything. I' am currently level 7 and only in the 2nd town and between the quests (Dev's say there are over 70 towns, 5500 quests and 1,000 kilometers) and crafting I can honestly say I havenít had this much fun in an MMO since a very long time.

I consider myself an older gamer and played pretty much all the big MMOíS ever since EQ1 and itís refreshing to see a mature MMO where the devís are a smaller team and you donít get the feeling that the marketing guys will come thru the door and say ďno that cannot be in the game we have to sell sell sell take that outĒ well in FE you get that nice touch from the devs that they can implement anything they want like a mature sense of humor itís rated M and it feels that way too not like (AOC) where it was rated M due to just blood and gore.

I have a pretty high end pc 4870X2, i-7 and Windows 7. I can run everything maxed setting for smooth play. I have experienced a few crashes so far but that is something the devs are working on before release and stability should get better by then. It already is much better according to people who have been playing since last week and with the latest patch this past Friday everyoneís performance increased. If you have an older pc and not a duel core cpu then this game wont run for you.

Overall I am highly impressed with the game and seriously Ií am having so much fun from questing to crafting and the setting is really different then any other MMO, I know everyone hates to compare it to Fallout but really itís close in some areas (which is a good thing). I would recommend this game if you have a high end PC and looking for a mature setting. One last thing I really love the fact that everyone is on ONE server and the chat, everyone is very helpful from players to GMís you really never feel alone out there, best game to compare it to would be Eve lotís of players on one server and from my understanding they plan to keep it on one server ( I love that ).

Update: I' am currently level 22 and loving it, it's the kind of game that grows on you and get's better the further you advance. I just made my Motorcycle! Crafting is in one word amazing!

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