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thought i would chime in with my current status.

after much fiddling, i have come to these conclusions so far.

Abit KT7A (via KT133 chipset)
AMD 1.3Ghz T-Bird
Geforce FX 5600 Ultra
Redhat 9, stock kernel.

Well, I have found that my machine will run fine as long as I disable 4x AGP in the bios. The machine will run stable with 2x agp, either NvAGP or AGPGART.

As SOON as I enable 4x AGP, the machine will lock up. This is the cause of the problem so far. No matter which AGP I use (NvAGP or AGPGART).

I also tried to run the card in 4x agp in winxp. No Luck! Trying to upgrade the latest 4in1 drivers in windows just BSOD's my machine on boot up, so I am not sure whats going on there. But with the same 4in1 drivers i was using with my gf2pro, the machine will run, but ONLY in 2x AGP! If I enable 4X agp in my bios, then try to boot windows, i get the same thing as I get in linux. Screen freeze as soon as I boot. (of course, in windows, no mouse either).

This is a hard lock, with no escape other than a hard reboot.

So, would you all perhaps think that it might be a hardware issue? This might be something for everyone to chew on that has the same problem.

It all seems related to enabling 4X agp in my bios. Which really sucks, because the card now runs only marginally faster than my old gf2pro, when it should smoke it.

I lack any solid knowledge to be able to make a dent in this problem, perhaps someone else could recommend a path to a solution? Does anyone else with a similar chipset/card have the same problem, and find that it does work fine in 2x agp?

food for thought...
anxiously awaiting any input...
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