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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

i will be playing.. below is the maybe server list for the game release day

North America (confirmed as of 09/11/09)

1. [West] Siel GMT-8
2. [East] Israphel GMT-5
3. [West] Nezekan GMT-8
4. [East] Zikel GMT-5
5. [West] Vaizel GMT-8
6. [East] Triniel GMT-5
7. [West] Kaisinel GMT-8
8. [East] Lumiel GMT-5
9. [West] Yustiel GMT-8
10. [East] Marchutan GMT-5
11. [West] Ariel GMT-8
12. [East] Azphel GMT-5

i will be playing on East server Lumiel.. anyone in the east coast wanna play look me up and we should all play on one east server.
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