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Default Re: phenom x4 955 --> low frame rates

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
Phenom I and Phenom II are slow CPUs. The difference between Phenom II and i7 for example will be even bigger with ATI/NVidia DX11 release.
I do apologize, but that can't be farther from the truth.

I've not owned a PhII myself, but I did own a PhenomX4 9600 BE back in the day. Ran it for a while, and then went on to a Q6600. And here within a month (hopefully) I'll be rocking an i7 920. But bluntly put, my old Phenom X4 9600 wasn't noticably slower than my Q6600... both were always at stock clocks. Never oc'd either of them. Granted, had I oc'd the Q6600 it probably would have then proven to faster, how much remains unknown. But then the comparison wouldn't be fair (comparing an oc'd Q6600 to a stock-clocked 9600BE is far from fair). And honestly speaking, I'm not expecting the i7 920 to appear all that much faster than my Q6600.

Any person that claims the original Phenom and the Phenom II are slow CPUs clearly has no experience with either... at least no extensive experience, or they are incredibly biased. Heck, I just built a brand new rig for my older sister. It's sporting a PheomII X2 550 BE and that is one snappy little rig. Rockin' 3 Gigs of RAM on Vista HP x64 using on-board video. She doesn't do any gaming. Very basic stuff (surfing web, e-mail, small photo/video collection, no music), but it excels at all the she does. And since it's AM3 she has a lot of upgrade options down the road.

Not trying to single you out or anything, just wanting to correcting an improper assumption you've seemed to make. Anything recent from both Intel and AMD seems to be rather speedy for basic day to day functions.
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