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Default Re: My overclock and my questions

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I can't express how eager I am to get my desktop back up and running after reading this thread bro.

And nice over clock. I'm praying my 920 can do about the same.

Though I gotta' ask... does your new processor seem noticably faster than the Q6600? Cause that's *essentially* what I'll be comming from. If so, how is your new cpu faster? Apps open up sooner? Game load times less? Etc... and sorry for the interrogation. Just kinda' wanting to know what to expect for myself.
I really can not give you a good answer on that. Because I've upgraded my memory, gpu, and cpu, I can't specifically say that my system is running much faster because of my CPU. games load a lot faster, and I'm able to turn AA up, and I'm McLoving it!
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