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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Originally Posted by Ubuntaqua View Post
I may have misunderstood, but I believe the very aim of those guys (radeonhd driver prorammers AND nouveau driver programmers) is to invalidate that very claim. I understand that you want something different though (and arrogant or not, yes a lot of people probably agree with you).
The driver the most likely to get where you want seems radeonhd.
So as with all open source project that doesn't go in the direction that suits you, your solutions should be clear: join the project and influence them, or fork and create your own.
This is all true.

The question remains, instead of going the path of incredible pain that the radeonhd developers go, wouldn't it be possible for NVidia to open up a little bit and feed more stuff into the OpenSource "nv" driver? Just enough to do light 3D such as in google earth, dualhead, video accel.

You would assume that most of the confidential information they need to protect is somewhere in the high-performance bits and now in the shaders, no?

BTW, as much as I admire the radeonhd developers, I think that newer Xorg versions su...ffer from definciences and that some Xorg developers are very unpleasant to work with. Also, I am a light 3D user, why would I go on crusade to make 3D drivers?

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