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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

I have it. I picked it up today.

I have to say, this SLAUGHTERS Grid. It is SO good, it's "almost" a sim. But not quite. You have even have to rev match (blips) on downshifts. I really like this. There is no more BROWN piss filter!

a couple Cons, though.

When getting up to high speed (even with motion blur OFF), the c0-ckpit blurs out.
Damage is STILL only cosmetic. You can ram a car into oblivion, and can still run wide open. The screen will blur out, and will turn black & white, but you can still drive it.

I'm currently upto level 9/50.

I was hoping for some kind of open wheel, but this is fun. The first NFS I got was Underground 1. and every subsequent version. This blows them all away.

Current setup is Phenom II 955/GTX260/4GB Ram
I can run it wide open as far as my monitor goes. 1920x1440 8xAA/16xAF (with 15 cars).
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AMD Phenom II 955BE
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