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Default Re: Official Red Faction Guerilla thread

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
picked it up at best buy

got a sticker something about "includes bonus, prequel, multiplayer maps and modes"
Yeah, it includes all the current DLC from the consoles, which is a singleplayer expansion and some multi maps and modes... in the main menu it says "extra missions" which is where the expansion is.

Game looks amazing, much better than the PS3 version. I blew up this building and the sunrays coming through the rubble as it fell was stunning. The higher resolution does a lot for the game as well. FOV feels a little tight sitting in front of a monitor, but not bad.

Someone said you can force DX9, but it didn't work for me... looking for another way now. I get 30-40fps with everything maxed at 1080p, but it drops to the 20s when I blow something up.
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