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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Well I've spent a few hours with the game and its pretty amazing to see such a turn around for NFS. I really enjoy this one. I'm playing on Pro all assists off with my G25 and it feels nice. I just finished driving the Lotus and man it was allot of fun. The sound of the cars and environments must be heard to understand how good they sound compared to other NFSs as of late. It's no iRacing but the tracks and cars feel very good in the force feedback. Visuals are very nice, I've been using the in-car veiw. I don't mind the blur but it shouldn't blur a car right next to you. The pushed back in your seat feeling is pretty fun they did a really good job with the in-car camera. AI is okay but I do get the feeling there might be some rubber banding going on and some manufactured race experiences like really close finishes or keeping you in the pack. Going off the road does result in a feeling of being pulled into the wall in Pro mode at least. The cars reflections aren't all that but in game and replay graphics look crisper than those of unmodified GRID. Even if there is some rubberbanding going on I really enjoy the races and the work put into this NFS.
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