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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

I don't think you should be surprised that people don't like nvidia driver and bitch about it, because if you paid lots of money for a hardware (especially laptop, where you can't change the graphic card) and it doesn't work correctly due to some bugs know for _months_, just because nvidia devs are focused on writing stuff for new hardware, to boost sales instead of fixing long lasting issues, you would be annoyed yourself. On top of that closed-sourced model doesn't allow any other capable developer to fix it either. That leaves users disappointed and angry (what echoes all around this forums).

Also nVidia drivers are always lagging behind linux technologies (KMS, randr) which doesn't make it better.

Most users who use graphic card for "light 3D"(composite desktop, some basic opengl) will choose Intel graphic card over nVidia without hesitation, because it just works and problems are fixed in no time.

Don't take me wrong - I really really appreciate all hard work nvidia devs put into drivers. I just don't like political decisions on top which harm users and slow down nvidia's linux adoption.
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