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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Just tried for over an hour to find better settings for my wheel and pedal combo. Even with completely arcadey FFB settings, there is no feel for the car. The front sticks and the real is sliding around, that's just stupid and unnatural. A wheel is completely useless without knowing what the car does.
Then I tried my 360 pad using the Analog Controller Preset. Damn, it's even worse. In addition to the lack of feedback, there's now a lack of precision as well - simply horrible

The game has some nice cars and looks very good but I can't enjoy it...

Racing Experience my ass
MaXThReAT, can you please post a screenshot of your control settings (deadzone, sensitivity...)? Thanks
Here you go, hope it helps. I don't believe I change anything, was my default. I do fiddle with the car setting. Tire pressure and sway bars. Fixed any under/over steer I didn't want. What wheel are you using, did you get that Prosche wheel and pedals? For my G25 I used 300 degrees rotation. I can understand it not being your cup of tea though, I've seen your iRacing profile. I think its pretty fun and one huge giant turn in a better direction for NFS.
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