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Originally Posted by de><ta View Post
Finished the game for the second time, took the neutral path again (a threesome with two nurses can't be beat!).

Finished it of at level 40, with gold talent in all attributes, aard, igni, quen and all fighting styles (minus the group styles). Found six new animations (a bit like fatalities) I have never seen before by doing a power-up attack when your enemies are stunned.

Had about 1600 vitality and 200 endurance towards the end thanks to full moon and maribor forest potions. Also used the steel rune sihil and the silver moonblade. Finished the game off with a huge pwnage!
I'm on my 3rd go around ...this time around.

how do you tell what level you are? I didn't see any numbers anywhere...

That said, I made some different choices last game and found a whole change in one of the main quests, dealing with Berengar. That was pretty cool.

One thing though, if I don't lay off this game soon the wife gonna cut me with the cd, getting kind of carried away.
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