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This took a little while to test, as it involved lots of rebooting. But, here are the results at last:

What do you mean exactly? Do you have to start Windows until Windows enables a hires graphics mode, or is it sufficient to just have it boot a little and then kill it (yes that's evil)?
Well, I reboot as soon as I get the login screen. I don't think it's in a hires mode yet, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I've tried giving it the three-finger-salute (ctrl-alt-del) earlier in the process, but Windows seems to be ignoring the keystroke. Bloody windows...

- you cold-start your current kernel, but not X, then warm-reboot and start X this time (with the new driver)
Nope, that doesn't work.

- you cold-start your current kernel, X using the nv driver, then warm-reboot and start X
Nope again. I tried both the 'nv' and the 'vesa' drivers, and neither one worked. I'll point out that I've never been able to get the 'nv' drivers to work properly. I always get a tiny desktop centered in a large resolution screen. Then when I exit X, the text display is all garbled.

- you cold-start an older kernel, but use the current drivers?
I can't use the current drivers in an older kernel, I need ACPI running or my video card doesn't get a proper IRQ.

Well, let me know if that sheds any light.

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