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Default Re: Official Resident Evil 5 Thread

Been around my bro inlaws to check out Res5 hands on myself tonight quite nice ENB will be a must for me once i get this for myself in a month or 2 when i build myself a new gaming rig,switching between default and ENB(shift+f12)ingame really shows how matrix green & washed out the default filter makes the game,I ran through a level with dx9 then dx10 and id say there wasnt any diffrence in IQ or effects DX10 seemed a bit fast say 5-10 fps but nothing worth missing out on playing in ENB colour for

I used ENB for ages with FSX and as i know theres noway to get the hook to work with DX10

Controls (k/m) seem they will take quite a bit of getting used to though but watching him play it seems like its something you pickup once you've died a few times...controls wise i found myself reminded of deadspace but without the horrid slowdowns when aimming

Over all a very good port i say well done Capcom you'll be getting my money very soon
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