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Default Re: Official Red Faction Guerilla thread

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
This game is the most consolized piece of... i've played in a long time. The mouse controls couldn't be anymore terrible. And it looks like crap
How are the controls terrible? Every option is mapped and the M&K work perfectly with no lag. Only issue I find with the game right now is that the tutorials interrupt the game, a character will be talking or story element will unfold and a tutorial will pause them and start up, it's pretty annoying.

I will agree that the game isn't a looker but who cares, its pretty fun and still looks better then alot of BS released (The series was never top of the line graphics).

BTW anyone find it funny how bad the physics are done in this game? I was able to take out all the support legs of a walkway but one and it stayed up untill I took out the last one.
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