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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sure I'm expecting a bit too much but I also enjoy arcadey games like Forza, GT, Grid or Dirt.
But since I've been playing Dirt 2 lately, Shift just doesn't seem right. Dirt 2 does a much better job at car control and feedback. Even with a gamepad (360 version).

I didn't expect a sim but I was hoping for a decent game that should be fun with wheel and pedals thanks to the awesome c0ckpits and cars. But it's exactly the controls and handling that are so badly implemented IMO. Games like Dirt 1 (PC) or TDU were much more fun because you can feel the car.

So in my opinion, this game is bad compared to other arcade racers, not just sims.
My G25 works fine. Even rumble. I can also feel if a car attacks me from behind. Maybe it's your wheel and drivers?
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