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Default Re: Instability of NVIDIA drivers on Linux 64 bit - thoughts?

Originally Posted by uOpt View Post
I have more and more issues with the NVidia drivers lately, but plain instability is not one of them.

Heat problems?

Did you monitor heat?
Yes I've been monitoring heat a little bit. I even turned the system fans all the way up in BIOS. Heat is not high as reported by nvidia-settings. Although, the fan on the card does not seem to kick in to full blast, ever (I can't hear it kicking in), and it does not seem to be turning at an incredibly high rate (but it is indeed turning). Is there a way to turn up the graphics card fan speed (Quadro FX3800) ?

So, I'm trying to reproduce the problem now. I've been using my 3D apps for the past few hours, and I've started to write the bug report. However, since I started the X server with "startx" and debug logging (instead of starting gdm login manager) the problem has not yet happened. Still waiting for it to fail...

BTW instability is the problem for me. Other than that, the graphics card is working perfectly. No other apparent issues. If it were stable I'd be a really happy camper.
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