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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by PaiN View Post
Shift is the best racer I've ever played, I've enjoyed GRID, DiRT and many others all the way back to frickin' Nascar.... but Shift nails it....

When I "play" anything I don't want a simulation of the real life thing(FSX aside) ...when its play time I simply want the game to make me feel like I'm a pro-driver, pilot, spy or whatever.....Shift, gets this so right, better than any before it. When I'm in that ****pit surrounded by the incredible sound...the car's physics are in tune with my driver's movement, the sense of speed, motion and progressive blurring, I just slide out of reality for a few

Excellent! I'm waiting to start it, got Batman AA and Red Faction games underway already. I was really hoping we'd see another great NFS game, I guess we have it!
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